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Labour unionist to the core

David Cornock's insight into the Labour Party's soul searching after its May election setback is interesting:

Eluned Morgan said Labour had to face up to the fact that in some areas "people simply don't like what we are doing".

She added: "We should not be tiptoeing around the nationalists despite being in coalition with them."

Former Secretary of State Paul Murphy told the meeting Labour should resist the possibility of "an obsession with identity in Wales".

(Assembly) Leader of the House Carwyn Jones said Labour should proclaim its unionist beliefs more - a move welcomed by one devosceptic MP.

Former first secretary Alun Michael said the Assembly should be increased to include 80 members, two per constituency, with no regional list AMs. He also suggested a Northern Ireland-style power-sharing deal in which all parties would share responsibility for making devolution work.

Eluned Morgan's point about tiptoeing is something Plaid Cymru should bear in mind, as it tiptoes round the new coalition partner for fear of causing it to collapse. Let's get one thing straight - One Wales is an agreed set of objectives with 2/3rds of the AMs backing it. Criticising Labour on anything outside that is fine and, indeed, should be a priority as Gordon Brown sets about making his bizarre Britishness a key aspect of any forthcoming election.
Labour, as Carwyn "the devolutionist" Jones, reveals is Unionist to its core and is therefore the enemy of anyone seeking self-determination for Wales (as are the other big two London parties).

Having said that, Alun Michael's point about increasing the number of AMs is interesting and would be a vast improvement on the unworkable list AM set-up, which has created second-class AMs with few of the constituency ties or workloads of the First Past The Post AMs.


Wake up. Labour are a bunch of dirtbags. They are working out a way to beat the nationalists you muppet! If you trust them because they're the same nationality as you and/or follow the same loony left politics that you do, then you're thick! They want control ie power that's all. They are all in the employ of the dirty evil EU for crying out. Think Roman empire think eu. And what did the romans do to groups who didnt adhere to what they said? They killed them! What happened to David Kelly again?
Nationalists throughout the now dead Britisah union should be fighting the eu not each other.

Posted by: think about it | 06/10/2007

Are all English nationalists as paranoid as this?

Posted by: seren | 07/10/2007

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