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Soldier returns from Afghanistan. Quite a few dead

Today's news headlines are, once again, dominated by news that a British soldier is returning from Afghanistan. The soldier is royal parasite Harry Wales, whose tour of duty was cut short after a news blackout of 10 weeks was breached.
How convenient. Rather than serve the six months of his comrades, Wales gets to return home in one piece after being followed throughout by a film crew, whose efforts have (again) dominated the news bulletins.
Good publicity for one of the royal "black sheep" and the idle scum at Buckingham Palace. So it's hats off to the royal spin doctors on this one and a big thumbs down to the sycophantic media, who managed to ignore the thousands of squaddies coming back in body bags or with horrific injuries from Iraq and Afghanistan.


Do ypu have to recognise his adopted surname?If you really must at least use inverted commas.

Posted by: Swan | 04/03/2008

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